Motorola Deal Registration Program

The online Deal Registration Program is designed to support resellers in winning end user opportunities for Motorola Solutions in competitive situations.


In order for an opportunity to qualify for a Deal Registration, a reseller is required to document the pre-sales effort related to an end user opportunity, such as meeting with the decision makers, defining the technical requirements, quantifying the project budget and proposing a Motorola solution. Based on the feedback from our resellers, the shipment criteria have been modified as follows:

  • The reseller must have the necessary skills to implement and maintain the proposed solution
  • The reseller must meet the requirements with Motorola Solutions products and services
  • The competitive products must be identified
  • The project value is between $25,000 and $75,000 at list price
  • The products cannot be shipped in less than 30 days from approval — this has been reduced from 60 days


Program Eligibility

For a reseller to be eligible to participate on the Program, the following conditions must apply:

  1. The reseller must be a member of the PartnerEmpower™ Program.
  2. The reseller must have achieved the Authorized, Specialists or Elite Specialists status for the products that will be ordered.
  3. The reseller accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Deal Registration Program.

Program Enrollment



To enroll in the Deal Registration Program, please complete the Program Registration Form. Once your request has been approved, you will receive a welcome email along with your login credentials.


Important! You will need to activate your Deal Registration account within 72 hours of receipt of this email — full details of how to do this will be enclosed in your welcome email.

Submission of a Deal Registration


Access the Deal Registration Program portal to submit new Deal Registrations or view an existing registration.


(Please note that when you open the "Register a Sales Opportunity" link above, it will open a new window with the SalesForce customer login page).

To view a complete walk-through of the deal registration process, please review the On-Demand Webinar: Introduction to the Deal Registration Tool.


Program Information and Training Tools





Sangeetha Venkat

Marketing Executive