In-Counter Scanner/Scales


The Magellan brand of high performance scanners and scanner/scales are world renown for their unstoppable performance and extreme reliability. Scan after scan, these powerhouses are truly the hardest working scanners in retail.


  Single Plane Scanners/Imagers

Specifically designed for retailers that require high performance in a compact, horizontal form factor the single plane in-counter products are tailored for medium to high volume POS applications at an affordable price and are particularly effective for grocery, department, drug, do-it-yourself centers and general retail environments.
The Magellan 3300HSi scanner is positioned at the high end of this category in terms of scanning speed and scan volume. It is comparable to the Magellan 2300HS scanner in terms of 1D scanning performance, while adding the capability to be configured with 2D bar code reading.

 magellan 2300






Magellan 2300HS Horizontal Scanner                                                               

 magellan 3300





Magellan 3300HSi Horizontal Imager

  Bi-Optic Scanners and Scanner/Scales
The complete line of Magellan bi-optic scanners and scanner/scales are built from a common platform with common features to increase productivity and enhance POS system efficiency, including the latest in microprocessor technology known as Magellan Scale Technology. This provides customers with faster scale settling times and dual-interval capabilities to increase throughput and increase revenue. The loss prevention capability with the patented All-Weighs™ scale platter and integrated EAS capability contribute to the outstanding features. Value Added Features provide optional reporting tools that help decrease front-end costs by managing information on scanner software and diagnostics.
 magellan 8300






Magellan 8300 Scanner & Scanner/Scale

 magellan 8400





Magellan 8400 Scanner & Scanner/Scale

 magellan 8500xt






Magellan 8500Xt Scanner & Scanner/Scale


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