Whilst traditional switches incorporate processes that are tightly coupled, those switches can falter during any single process outage. Convergence requires a modular open standards based approach to the network operating system so new functionality can be added in a rapid fashion or processes restarted without impeding network operations.

What is it?

Extreme Networks XOS is a hardened modular operating system that provides a common set of features and applications on single software release and command line interface across all Extreme Networks switches

How does this benefit the IT Manager?

It greatly simplifies network complexity from a support and management perspective and enables carrier grade reliability in enterprise networks. For example new services or applications can be added or removed without taking the switch offline.

What are the Benefits of Extreme XOS?

  • It's a High Availability Architecture
    The high availability of Extreme Networks XOS creates a resilient infrastructure capable of maximum network integrity for mission-critical applications. Different from the traditional Monolithic Operating Systems, Extreme Networks XOS solves the last single point of failure, i.e. the Operating System. If a management process fails in Extreme Networks XOS, this process can be stopped, re-started or replaced while the switch is still in operation. Whereas Monolithic OS’s require a reboot resulting in a typical outage of 3-5 minutes.

  • It's an easy to manage architecture
    Universal Port dramatically simplifies rollout of VoIP via auto-configuration of edge ports and phones.

  • It's an open architecture
    There are endless possibilities for further expanding the capabilities of the network, by integrating third-party applications. An example of this is the VoIP application layer monitoring agent developed by Avaya to simulate and closely monitor the behaviour of VoIP connections in a network

  • It's a secure architecture
    Security of the entire network infrastructure is protected with Extreme Networks XOS. For Example management traffic is secured through authentication and encryption. In addition access control works with or without dedicated authentication support on client devices, such as VoIP phones.

Universal Port Voice-over-IP Provisioning
  1. Administratordefines Universal Port policy for IP phones.
  2. Phone is connected
  3. Phone sends vendor, model, detailed power requirements, etc to switch
  4. Switch automatically configures VLAN, QoS and PoE on the port.
  5. Switch pushes VLAN, QoS, call server details, etc to the phone.
Extreme XOS Automatic VOIP Configuration