Click for enlarged view of WM100 Wireless unitThe Sentriant family of security products provides organisations with cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solutions to today's tough network security challenges. These high-performance, highly scalable products verify that connecting devices are in compliance with security policy and detect and mitigate rapidly propagating network threats in seconds.

Automated Attack Mitigation Automated Attack Mitigation

  1. An infected source enters the network.

  2. BlackDiamond 10k static ACLs and CLEAR-Flow rules filter out DoS attacks, determine traffic class as 'suspicious'.

  3. Selectively port-mirror traffic to Sentriant for further analysis.

  4. Sentriant continues to watch suspicious traffic and uses its internal rules to escalate traffic-class from suspicious to high level alert.

  5. Sentriant initiates a dynamic ACL on BlackDiamond 10k. BlackDiamond 10k applies the dynamic ACL in real-time and continues to port mirror suspicious traffic. Sentriant also sends the mitigation action to Extreme Networks EPICenter network management software.

  6. EPICenter works with core and edge switches to enforce the security policy (mitigation action).

Extreme Networks products are targeted to protect your network infrastructure from attacks that originate from within the network and to control access to critical resources. LAN switches, wireless LAN controllers and security products from Extreme Networks provide a variety of security policy violation detection capabilities and policy enforcement capabilities. The combination of these products allows the network to participate in improving the overall security posture of your infrastructure and protect access to critical networked resources. Leveraging the capabilities within the network elements allow our security products to scale with your infrastructure and reduces the number of appliances that you need to add to achieve the required security posture. The reduction in the number of appliances improves the availability of the network and reduces the total cost of ownership.


Click for enlarged view of WM100 Wireless unit