Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking from Extreme Network

One of the key characteristics of a converged network is the ability to provide business grade mobility to users. That means securely extending access to company resources such as customer information or VoIP from different locations within the company network.

Easy to deploy and manage, the Summit WM3000 series controllers provide a converged platform to deliver multimedia applications (data, voice, and video), wireless networking, and value-added mobility services such as secure guest access and location service for multi-RF networks.


Altitude Access Altitude 3500 series access points are designed for enterprise-grade wireless LAN service. The Altitude 3510 and 3550 have dual concurrent radios that supports simultaneous operation of 802.11a and 802.11g/b wireless networks. Used with the Summit WM3000 series controllers for management and control, they are ideal for large-scale wireless deployments.