Network Management

Reduce your wireless operating costs

Manage and Maintain

Meru makes managing the wireless network easier by providing automated diagnostics and event correlation. Just as wireless frees users from their desks, Meru frees network staff from the management console through mobile management. For users who want to become wireless gurus, Meru also offers a full set of training and services aimed at all levels of expertise.

E(z)RF Application Suite

Meru's E(z)RF Applications Suite can reduce network troubleshooting times from days to minutes. Other vendors' number one issue is trying to mitigate co-channel interference, Meru already avoids co-channel interference by design, so E(z)RF is focused on keeping track of a database of network events and statistics. Because the network is stable and predictable, it is easy for network support staff to rewind the network to a previous state and for the software's built-in inference engine to correctly diagnose more than 100 common issues. With E(z)RF Location Manager, users can accurately track any device or person, making more efficient use of resources. With E(z)RF OnTheGo, network managers get the same freedom that wireless already gives to end users.

MeruAssure Services

WLAN Virtualization already offers the industry's easiest wireless deployment. MeruAssure Services make wireless deployment even easier with comprehensive training and certification. Additionally, a team of Meru experts is available to take over all of an enterprise's planning, optimization and deployment.