Layer 1-7 Security – Physical and Virtual

Meru networks security from Westcon Convergence

Most wireless vendors focus on only one layer of the networking stack, blocking packets at either the access point or controller. Meru extends protection throughout the stack, from physical security that contains the radio signals of a network within a set boundary to application security that customizes access rights for each user and recognizes even encrypted data flows.

Perimeter Threat Defense

Wired networks are naturally protected by physical barriers like walls, but walls are no obstacle to radio waves. Meru Networks' RFBarrier™ acts as a virtual wall for wireless transmissions, selectively blocking transmissions from the network as they pass a geographic perimeter, like a floor, a building or a campus. From outside, the network is undetectable, while other 802.11 and cellular networks are unaffected. From inside, the wireless network offers the same high performance services that users expect from Meru.

Connection Threat Defense

Meru's continuous security scanning prevents intruders from connecting to a network at all. AirFirewall™ intercepts and blocks unwanted packets in flight, stopping them before they even reach. Rogue access point detection functions at all times without a separate overlay network, even when access points are serving voice clients. For users who need the strongest government-grade security, Meru's FIPS gateway offloads encryption to an appliance designed to meet the industry's toughest certification standards.

Network Threat Defense

Meru's security doesn't stop once users have connected to the network. The Virtual Port enables per-user policies tied into RADIUS authentication, making sure that each device can only access resources that match its capabilities and its user's job description. Meru's application firewall classifies traffic based on flow signatures as well as deep packet inspection, meaning that it even works with encrypted applications.

Remote Threat Defense

Wireless networks are everywhere, frequently tempting mobile employees to connect over a link that lacks enterprise-class security. Meru's Telecommuter Access Point lets them use the enterprise network instead, accessing the same resources available inside the enterprise and subject to the same security policies.