SMART Meeting Pro connector for Microsoft Lync


Take the power of SMART’s Freestorm solutions. Combine it with Microsoft Lync. Instantly, you have connected collaboration – even across distance. The connector for Lync lets you work within Lync on SMART’s interactive displays.




The connector for Lync combines the Microsoft Lync unified communications platform with SMART's interactive displays and SMART Meeting Pro software. It's the combination you need for highly collaborative meetings – even if your colleagues are around the world.






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Powerful remote collaboration

Everyone in your meeting can participate – even if they're connecting remotely. Whether they're in another meeting room or using their own laptop, your remote colleagues can collaborate with you. You're connected by audio and video, but digital ink is the key. When you or your remote participants make notes in digital ink, everyone sees them in real time.


Capture and save

With the connector for Lync and SMART's Freestorm solutions, you can record thoughts in digital ink as they arise and save them as part of the original file. All your ideas are captured on the spot – there's no need to write summaries or revise slides after your meeting. And you can send all your notes to colleagues with just a few clicks.


Starting meetings is a snap

To start collaborating, just log in to your meeting room computer. SMART Meeting Pro and Lync will launch automatically. And you'll see all your meeting details on the screen – attendees, attachments, and all the information from your original invitation. Then it's as easy as creating a video link and sharing your screen.


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