SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite

One simple pricing model. Millions of enriching experiences.

This suite gives you the world’s best education software to connect students, teachers and devices. SMART Learning Suite lessons are hands-on, collaborative learning experiences on any device. Best of all, you get these 3 leading education software platforms for one simple price.

  • SMART Notebook - The world’s leading education software
  • SMART lesson activity builder - Create engaging activities in 5 minutes
  • SMART amp - Crank up collaboration in and out of the classroom

Nothing should get in the way of creating incredible learning experiences, including budget planning. SMART Learning Suite offers one simple pricing model, so you have one cost to budget for.

Contact your local Westcon SMART Account Manager for more range of subscription-based options available to suit your need.

All SMART interactive displays include a year-long subscription to SMART Learning Suite.

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